When old triumph lost his legs

a piece missing from his ear

he limped about the house for weeks

his tails swishing in the air.

I swung about me with my eyes

and did the various counselors meet.

found doubt the riddling hound

and laid his body at my feet.

And when his jaws did open wide

I entered and was scared.

Swirled of arched declensions 

forgiven of the air.

But I walked onwards still

into the mongrel night-

and there I saw bliss chuckling distractedly

swinging in the trees.

Excerpt from a letter to a friend never sent:  
It is sunday. I am eating an olive bread baguette (with green olives!)
I am watching people walk around beneath me - I am on a patio. I think about spitting on one of them - what a height!
But I don’t do it.
p.s. I have enclosed a single noodle in the hopes that this will tie you over until the date of my return.


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Lorenzo Mattotti

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Saul Steinberg

Zero Street (2010) - Andrey Getov

Let’s hangout soon. For some reason I thought it was a good idea to triple major..

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Adrian Ghenie

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Leonard Baskin